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The Samyang XP 50mm f/1.2 is a fast, manual focus normal lens with premium build quality, made for Canon full-frame cameras with EF mount. It can also be used on cameras with APS-C size sensors where it acts as a fast telephoto lens ideal for portraits.

The lens is constructed with a smooth, semi-matt exterior in aluminium alloy, making it both sturdy and elegant at the same time. Built-in electronics and contacts for automatic aperture control and data transmission makes it compatible with all the cameras auto exposure and metering modes. It also supports the focus indicator in the viewfinder display.

The high precision focus ring has a smooth rubber coating that harmonizes with the metal covers and contributes to the premium experience.

Exceptional sharpness and creamy bokeh

The optical quality is as impressive as the mechanical. Inside the lens are 11 elements arranged in 8 groups. To provide maximum sharpness at all apertures and across the entire image, it incorporates both an aspheric element and an element made of HR (High Refractive) glass.

Together, they ensure that the Samyang XP 50mm f/1.2 is able to match the resolution of 50-megapixel image sensors and video recordings in 8K.

The extremely large maximum aperture, f/1.2, allows you to capture photos with very short depth of field. In combination with the optical design and the use of 9 aperture blades, the images get an outstanding soft, creamy and beautiful bokeh, which is ideal for portraits.

Samyang’s advanced Ultra Multi Coating counteracts reflexes, ghosting and flares and ensures that the images always have good contrast and natural colour reproduction.


Important features

  • High speed 50mm lens with Canon EF mount (full-frame)
  • Advanced optics with an aspheric element and HR-glass
  • Premium build quality with smooth metal barrel and elegant design
  • Supports automatic exposure modes and focus indicator
  • Exceptional sharpness and resolution
  • Soft and beautiful bokeh