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Ronni Jaqué

Ronni Jaqué

Morten H. Vorsaa

Morten H. Vorsaa

Henrik Duus Preuss

Henrik Duus Preuss

Providing all round versatility, the XF Macro 60mm lens (135 equivalent: 91mm) is perfect for a wide range of applications from portraits to 0.5x magnification macros.

Featuring an all-glass aspherical lens and other elements, the lens is polished to perfection and treated with Super EBC coating while the high-quality metal barrel and precision-machined 1/3-step aperture ring gives versatile control.

Excellent out-of-focus bokeh are achieved thanks to the design of the moulded aperture diaphragm blades. The blades are curved to create a circular image at all aperture settings, while the very edges of each blade are meticulously rounded off rather than simply cut off, which delivers a sharper image.

Specifically designed to maximise the mirror less design of the X-Pro1's body, the X-Mount has a short flange back distance of just 17.7mm giving high resolution right across the image.

Objektiv type: Prime
Brændvidde type: Normal,Tele
Objektiv mount: X (Fuji)
Kompatible mounts: X (Fuji)
Macro: Nej
Billedestabilisator: Nej
Autofokus: Ja
Vejrbestandig: Nej
Intern fokus: Ja
Modlysblænde: Incl
Linseelement / Gruppe: 10/8
Nærgrænse: 26.7 CM
Blændelameller: 9 stk.
Største blænde: 2,4
Mindste blænde: 22
Brændvidde: 60 mm
Diameter: 64.1 MM
Længde: 70.98 MM
Vægt: 215 G
Filter diameter: 39 mm
Producent: Fuji
Kategori: Udlejningsobjektiver

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