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Bjarne Blom

Bjarne Blom

Bo Christensen

Bo Christensen

Morten H. Vorsaa

Morten H. Vorsaa

Elinchrom Umbrella To Go Kit with two Umbrellas 105 cm in Silver and White/Translucent. Silver for more contrast and intense lighting. Translucent as a shoot-through or bounce for soft and wide even spread with the unique option of keeping the cover on to make it white for a more neutral and soft look.

These light modifiers are simple and straightforward to use and ready to go. Ideal for easy setups and groups of people.


Silver Umbrella

The silver umbrella is the definite fashion photographer’s choice. It’s fantastic in many ways. It offers great control over the spread of light and the light is harder than with the translucent umbrella.
The shadows are well defined and the highlights are crispier with less chance of unwanted reflections. This kind of light is appreciated when details are key, which is why many fashion photographers use it – it makes fabrics’ details stand out like nothing else while being less harsh than a metallic reflector.


2-in1 Umbrella

A great option for beginners The translucent is a great option for beginners with no experience with off camera flashes. It creates a very soft light, similar to a diffused window light.
What is so great about this kind of light is that it won’t make skin imperfections as visible as a beauty dish or a silver umbrella would. It’s also interesting when a wide spread of light is required.
For example, wedding photographers will love this for group shots, while portrait and studio photographers may use it as a fill light.

Need more control over the light? Put the reflector back on and you have a reflective umbrella.



  • 1x Umbrella Shallow Silver 105 cm
  • 1x Umbrella Shallow White/Trans 105 cm
  • 2x Carrying Bag
Producent: Elinchrom
Kategori: Paraply
Elinchrom yder to års garanti mod materiale og fabrikationsfejl. Garantien gælder ikke for forbrugsdele såsom flashrør, pilotlamper, sikringer og capacitorer. Alt Elinchrom udstyr købt hos Goecker repareres udelukkende på autoriseret Elinchrom værksted.

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