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Ronni Jaqué

Ronni Jaqué

Jakob Worre

Jakob Worre

A game changer is born! The new Zhiyun CRANE 3S PRO

Crane 3S PRO – Crane 3S incl. ekstra batteri, zoom og focus motor, lens support!

The new super motors of CRANE 3S allows a payload up to 6.5 kg. This opens a new world to filmmakers and content creators, who now can shoot with DSLR cameras one day and use pro video cameras like Sony FX9, Red Dragon or Arri Alexa the other day with the same gimbal.

For larger cinema cameras, an extension module can easily be attached onto the roll axis for more space. For smaller DSLR cameras, the extension module can be detached for greater portability. Crane 3S makes it easy to handle your video gear with ease, speed and flexibility.

Another new feature is the detachable handles that make it possible to choose between TransMount SmartSling or EasySling handles. The TransMount SmartSling handle has an integrated control panel with an oled screen for intuitive control over the gimbal and camera settings like focus and zoom. The EasySling handle enables versatile ways of holding the gimbal. The ability to angle the handle makes it easy to switch from having the gimbal at normal height down to low angles. There are dedicated buttons for different tracking modes to quickly change method without thinking.

With multiple thread holes provided in both stabilizer and handle, CRANE 3S has cross-compatibility for a wide range of accessories such as EasyRig, motorized dollys, jib and cable cams. This makes it easy to find the best working position for all kind of productions, get the shot you want without compromising.

A table tripod that will help to hold the gimbal steady and quickly put the system down when not shooting is included in the box. It will reduce fatigue and keep you fresh throughout the whole day.

The new gap-free three-axis locking solution balances and stores close to zero shake. Multiple interfaces on the gimbal are designed with safety locks to ensure high intensity shooting in all directions.


More power

CRANE 3S has a DC-IN port which supports up to 25.2V input for direct charging. Built-in batteries can now power the gimbal up to 12 hours with only 4 hours of charging, an increase of 35 % from previous model.

Another new exciting power supply is the TransMount PowerPlus (optional) battery pack that can house six 18650 batteries. This will give more strength and power to adapt to constant intense motions and serve as a compact yet fast-charging power bank for your devices. With the battery pack you will get a runtime of 21 hours.


Remote controlled

Just like the previous LAB and Weebill models, Crane 3S has the possibility to create a wireless connection to a smartphone and use this as an advanced remote controller with the help of the transmission module. With full HD (1080p) wireless video support, the smartphone acts as a monitor. This will help to compose the image and get an overview of important settings.

In addition to HD image transmitting, ViaTouch 2.0 seamlessly connects a smartphone or camera with the gimbal. Various gimbal and camera settings, like follow speed, aperture, ISO, shutter speed etc, can be adjusted in real time. Intuitive control and real-time monitoring are just at your fingertips.


Key specifications:

  • Can take a payload up to 6,5kg
  • For DSLR and pro video cameras
  • Several attachment points for accessories
  • Batteries with up to 12 hours of runtime
  • Easy to handle
  • Possibility to create a wireless connection to a smartphone


The Crane 3S Pro kit contains:

  • Crane S3 Gimbal
  • TransMount Handheld Tripod
  • Extension Arm and Rubber Cover
  • EasySling Handle
  • SmartSling Handle
  • TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter
  • TransMount PowerPlus Battery Pack
  • TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear
  • TransMount Servo Zoom/Focus Motor (Max)
  • TransMount Servo Focus Motor (Lite)
  • HDMI Cable A: HDMI Mini to HDMI Micro
  • HDMI Cable B: HDMI Mini to HDMI Mini
  • HDMI Cable C: HDMI Mini to HDMI
Producent: Zhiyun
Kategori: Gimbal support

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