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Jakob Worre

Ronni Jaqué

Bo Christensen


adicam MINI+

The edge of the upper platform of the film cart can be folded down. Opening is extremely fast, all you have to do is unlock two additional locks, which are located on the side of the shelf. The solution guarantees extension of the working area and even greater comfort of working with a computer or keyboard.

2 Threaded Plates integrated within topshelf. It consists of a mix of 1/4’’ and 3/8’’ threaded holes for photo/video equipment easy to be mount and dismount.

The holes on the short sides of the cart have been designed to increase the configuration options and the use of dedicated accessories.

Additional reinforcement of the top shelf and high-quality aluminum ensure lightness, durability and stability.

Each deck has been covered with facing to prevent the equipment displacing.

The MINI+ model has four hand-folded pneumatic wheels (9″- fi225 mm) which are equipped with sealed bearing and standard foot brake system.

The two additional wheels make it easier to transport the cart when it is folded.

Assembly and disassembly takes only 2 minutes, no tools are needed and the entire cart as well as its individual parts can be folded into an easy to transport case.

Reinforced model MINI+ can lift up to 200 kilograms of heavy equipment on your set.


9″ Pneumatic wheels with two brakes.

Folded cart dimensions: height 175mm / width 630mm / lenght 860mm
Assembled cart dimensions: height 1035mm / width 630mm / lenght 860mm
Weight: 37kg without accessories
Capacity: max 200kg


Producent Adicam
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