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Henrik Duus Preuss


Agfaphoto Reusable Camera 35mm Black

Agfaphoto reusable camera 35mm, is a 31mm fixed-focus camera, with an f9 lens.
The camera is light as a feather, and small enough to fit nicely in the pocket.
There’s nothing modern about it, though, but it has a built in flash!

Film and batteries (2x AAA) sold separately.

One click and it's on the roll

Although film photography may seem technical, you don’t need to know everything if you’re just starting out. Setting the film up in the camera is child's play, then all you have to do is press the shutter button to immortalise the moment.

The thrill of the unknown

No LCD screen, just a viewfinder; no second chance to delete a failed shot but an authentic printed rendering and an unequalled grain. Yes, the traditional photo is back!
Worn by older enthusiasts and a new generation that is regaining a taste for paper photography after having been immersed in and growing up in the digital “everything”.
Who better than an historic photo brand like AgfaPhoto to support this movement?


Producent Agfa
Kategori Analog kamera