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Cambo Actus AC-375 Full Base Tilt Kit

AC-375 adds an extra base tilt adjustment to your Actus camera's front and rear standards, as well as to the Tripod Mount. This kit is a retrofit for all existing ACTUS cameras, Mini, B, G, and DB versions.

The rear base tilt unit mounts between the rear standard focussing unit and the monorail, and makes an extra layer of sliding focus too.  An additionally included feature is that this layer allows for 42mm more focus draw, compared to the original configuration.

The front base tilt unit mounts with 4 screws between the front standard and the monorail.

The tripod base tilt unit mounts to the bottom of the monorail and can slide along the full monorail length.

Incremental settings upto 15 degrees are set and locked with a positive lock.

AC-375 gives you additional freedom of movements in applying technical camera settings. Next to that, you can set indirect vertical movements by applying base tilt to both standard, increasing more vertical shift when your optics allow for that. By simultaneously applying tilt to the tripod mount, you can keep your standards parallel and perpendicular with an inclined monorail. Ideal for yaw-free swing applications.


  • Additional weight AC-375: 0,48 kg
  • Additional height front and rear: 20 mm
  • Additinonal height tripod mount: 35 mm
  • Additional focusdraw rear unit: 42 mm
  • Rear base tilt: +15 / -15 degrees
  • Front base tilt: +15 / -15 degrees
  • Tripod base tilt: +15 / -15 degrees
  • Increments: each 5 degrees


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