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Carsten Iversen

Jakob Worre

Ronni Jaqué


DZOfilm Catta Ace 18-35mm T2.9 Black PL / EF Mount

  • Maintains focus throughout the zoom range
  • Natural Color Rendering
  • Covers full-frame sensors
  • 16-Bladed iris for soft, creamy bokeh
  • 0,51m minimum focus distance
  • Interchangeable bayonet
  • 270° Focus Rotation

A broader horizon brings up a new perspective and more possibilities

The versatile and desirable 18-35mm lens captures spectacular wide-angle vistas and immersive action scenes. With wider FOV and deeper DOF, more visual information are allowed to be included in the frame, adding abundance and richness to the cinematography.
The Catta Ace 18-35mm T2.9 wide-angle cinema zoom lens is compatible with the Full Frame image format and features an interchangeable mount.

Get closer to view a larger world

With a minimum focusing distance of 0.51m (1ft 8"), the inspiring 18-35mm zoom lens allows you to get close to the subject while still including background details, facilitating close-up capturing of subtle emotions and generating visual dynamics and contrast in a single frame.

Marvelous optical design with superior performance

Aesthetic color rendering and image texture present soft and natural skin tones. 16-blade iris produces dreamy bokeh in out-of-focus areas, which is gorgeous and artistic.

Solid and durable design with smooth operation

The aluminum body of the lens makes it sturdy and reliable, as well as easy and comfortable to hold. Lightweight and compact wide-angle zoom cinema lens for handheld shooting, capturing details of characters, and creating more immersive storytelling images.

Unleash creative potentials with wild imagination

The wide-angle Catta Ace can capture a vast expanse of scenery in a single frame with stunning details and clarity, creating a unique visual style with distorted perspectives and exaggerated lines, which can add a sense of grandeur and drama to a scene, giving you the creative flexibility to tell your story with impact.

Better breathing control than ever

Staying consistent, our latest addition to the DZOfilm family offers minimal breathing. With our Catta range, you notice a better performance when racking focus as the breathing has been rendered invisible. Take your focus off the focus and prioritise composition when shooting, as the edge of frame remains consistent. 

Aesthetically designed with industry standards in mind

The specifications and craftmanship are completely based on the unified standards of cinema-grade lenses. The manual focus range of 270º gives users a precise operating experience with a smooth glide. The mechanical and optical construction of these two lenses are identical, incorporating a perfect combination of wide angle and telephoto glass. This lack of difference offers perfect articulation. 

A reliable and highly anticipated bundle for professional filmmaking

Consistent mechanism as the Catta Ace Cine Zoom lineup, this series is a versatile and popular choice for many filmmakers, allowing you to easily switch between wide, medium and telephoto shots in a compact and lightweight package, covering a wide variety of shooting situations from wide-angle landscapes to tight close-ups.
This makes it a great all-around lens bundle for many types of productions from documentaries and commercials to narrative films.


Producent DZO Film
Kategori Objektiv
Objektiv type Zoom
Brændvidde type Wide-angle
Objektiv mount EF (Canon),PL (Possitive Lock)
Kompatible mounts E (Sony),FE (Sony)
Fullframe Ja
Billedestabilisator Nej
Autofokus Nej
Vejrbestandig Ja
Linseelement / Gruppe 20 elements in 14 groups
Nærgrænse 51 CM
Blændelameller 16 stk.
Største blænde T2,9
Mindste blænde T22
Brændvidde 18-35 mm
Diameter 80 MM
Længde 179.5 MM
Vægt 1850 G
Filter diameter 77 mm