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Carsten Iversen

Jakob Worre

Ronni Jaqué


DZOfilm Catta Ace 70-135mm T2.9 Black PL / EF Mount

  • Maintains focus throughout the zoom range
  • Natural Color Rendering
  • Covers full-frame sensors
  • 16-Bladed iris for soft, creamy bokeh
  • Interchangeable bayonet
  • 270° Focus Rotation

A light, compact and versatile lens, designed to explore endless possibilities when shooting. With the increase of the full frame format in cinema, the Catta Zoom aims to meet the current market’s demand by offering compatibility with larger format cameras such as the latest Red V-raptor 8K.

Golden Focal Lenghts

The third installation of DZOfilm’s zoom series offers coverage of core focal lengths to offer flexibility in diverse shooting setups. With the 35-80mm and 70-135mm lengths, shooters can be sure to create cinematic footage without sacrificing time in lens changes.

Lightweight Design

70-135mm T2.9: 1597g

Lighter than ever the 70-135mm T/2.9 clocks in at under 1.6kg. To achieve the lightest ever weight, DZO used polycarbonate and glass fibre when creating the shell. These cinema zoom lenses would be a great choice for live shows, documentaries, vehicle mounting and gun operation as well as in independent cinema. This is largely due to its precise parfocal design and easy application with gimbals such as the Ronin S2 and Crane 3s. As a result, these lenses are perfect for applications involving rapid movement. 

Round Bokeh and Fine Details

The aperture consists of a diaphragm of 16 blades ranging from T/2.9-T/22. As a result, the Catta lenses produce round and smooth bokeh with a natural transition of image. The incredibly close focal distance enables users to shoot clear details and characteristics of the subject, with an admirable depth of field. 

Authentic Colour Reproduction

The Catta zooms are inspired by the design philosophy of a natural, original and real look. As a result, these lenses reproduce the real world onto a full frame sensor. By reflecting the realistic, the post-production process is eased for creativity rather than correction. 

Better Breathing Control Than Ever

Staying consistent, our latest addition to the DZOfilm family offers minimal breathing. With DZO Catta range, you notice a better performance when racking focus as the breathing has been rendered invisible. Take your focus off the focus and prioritise composition when shooting, as the edge of frame remains consistent. 

Aesthetically Designed with Industry Standards in Mind

The specifications and craftmanship are completely based on the unified standards of cinema-grade lenses. The manual focus range of 270º gives users a precise operating experience with a smooth glide. The mechanical and optical construction of these two lenses are identical, incorporating a perfect combination of wide angle and telephoto glass.

Seek for More Possibility

Interchangeable mount system compatible with PL, E, EF and LPL mounts, provides more possibility of shooting videos.


Producent DZO Film
Kategori Objektiv
Objektiv type Zoom
Brændvidde type Tele
Objektiv mount EF (Canon),PL (Possitive Lock)
Kompatible mounts EF (Canon),PL (Positive Lock)
Fullframe Ja
Billedestabilisator Nej
Autofokus Nej
Vejrbestandig Ja
Intern fokus Ja
Linseelement / Gruppe 17/11
Nærgrænse 76 CM
Blændelameller 16 stk.
Største blænde T2,9
Mindste blænde T22
Brændvidde 70-135 mm
Diameter 80 MM
Længde 187.5 MM
Vægt 1710 G
Filter diameter 77 mm