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Carsten Iversen

Morten H. Vorsaa

Ronni Jaqué


FocusONE v2

New generation follow focus designed for camera operators instead of focus pullers. Unique marker disk faces the camera operator for quick & precise focus adjustments.

New & Advanced Features

  • Works on either side of the camera
  • Adjustable hard stops
  • Custom tension adjustment
  • Unique design for precision
  • Comes with Lens Gear PRO
  • Compact & light design
  • Compatible with 15 & 19 mm rods

New Adjustable Hard Stops

Think less, record more. Edelkrone have upgraded FocusONE v2 to include adjustable hard stops that can help you effortlessly transition between two fixed focus points as you shoot. Hard stops can be placed in the designated parking slots when not in use.

Custom Tension Adjustment

All lenses are different, so why should the torque applied be the same? Customize the tension of your FocusONE v2 to adjust how stiff or loose the control wheel turns and match the force your lens requires perfectly.

Control Wheel with Flexible Angles

The control wheel of FocusONE v2 can be tilted up and down for easier access when needed, especially useful while setting up different filming angles.

Pen-Free Focus Marking

Go pen-free and use the marker provided on the disc for focus markings. This small addition makes FocusONE v2 much easier & faster to use. Or, you can just mark the disc yourself if additional markings are needed.

Works on Either Side of the Camera

The movable body design of FocusONE v2 gives you the flexibility to position it on either side of the camera. Edelkrone developed this feature to give you the option to operate your FocusONE v2 with your right or left hand. No matter which side you choose, everything you need will be facing you as you're filming.

Compact Body for More Options

FocusONE v2's compact design makes it very easy to travel with. It also makes your FocusONE v2 compatible with secondary accessories that can be attached to your rods, such as the matte boxes.

Compatible with All Lenses

FocusONE v2 has a 0.8 gear pitch, making it compatible with all professional cinema lenses. You'll also receive edelkrone Lens Gear PRO with your purchase to make your new FocusONE v2 compatible with any other type of lens.

Works with Standard Rods

FocusONE v2 is compatible with industry-standard 15 mm & 19 mm rods to fit your specific setup requirements. FocusONE v2 comes with a 15 mm rod adapter attached out of the box which can easily be removed to convert it to a 19 mm rod clamp.


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