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EIZO CS2400R ColorEdge + EX4 calibrator

  • 24” 16:10 1920 x 1200 IPS graphic monitor
  • Includes EX4 calibration sensor to calibrate the monitor
  • High contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness of 300cd/m²
  • Smooth and fluid transitions and gradients thanks to 16-bit LUT and 10-bit mode
  • Individually measured and optimally configured in the factory
  • Flicker free and with anti-glare coating

The CS2400R is the most affordable entry in the ColorEdge series and combines the best image quality, connectivity and 100 percent sRGB/Rec709. Includes the EX4 calibration sensor.

Outstandingly sharp image quality

High-contrast, bright and crisp screen

The monitor has an impressive top resolution (1920 x 1200), a very good contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a brightness of 300 cd/m². For example, you can edit graphics and images down to the pixel. As an added benefit, text contours are clear and precise. The LCD panel with the IPS panel allows for a viewing angle of 178 degrees. Ensuring that hue and contrast remain stable for the viewer.

16-bit LUT and 10-bit mode

Smooth and fluid transitions and gradients

The LUT (look-up-table) on the CS2400R employs internal calculations with 16 bits for an extremely high colour depth and outputs the signals with up to 10 bits. This provides billions of hues for calculating the precise monitor display, effectively preventing display errors caused by the monitor such as banding or clipping, which can result in tonal breaks in gradients or unnecessary colours in greyscale. Even fine nuances and structures in dark or highly saturated areas of the image can be displayed in a differentiated and detailed manner.

Perfect settings right from the factory

Ready to use right out of the box

Every ColorEdge CS2400R is individually measured and optimally configured in the factory, enabling it to be used immediately after it has been unboxed. To this end, the gamma curves for the red, green and blue channels are closely checked and corrected, if necessary. This unique EIZO factory calibration enables the user to start using the monitor with the preset gamut range right out of the box. This painstaking calibration at the factory ensures that the user can quickly recalibrate the monitor if needed using ColorNavigator.

Digital Uniformity Equalizer

Perfect rendering across the entire screen

Each individual monitor panel is precisely measured over the entire surface at the EIZO factory. Any inhomogeneities in brightness and unnecessary colour are detected and removed. This process (Digital Uniformity Equalizer) guarantees that identical colours always look the same over the entire service life of the monitor, no matter where they are displayed. Only in this way is precise image processing and retouching possible.

Calibration report

Each ColorEdge CS2400R comes with an individual calibration report that shows the measurement results of the factory calibration of the monitor. The report proves the homogeneity, gamma curve, colour space coverage and white point of the monitor.

Hardware calibration without any compromises

Fast, easy and losless

It is essential that the monitor is regularly calibrated to ensure that it always displays the same file in the same way over its entire service life. To do so, all ColorEdge monitors employ lossless hardware calibration. Unlike software calibration, which always involves the risk of loss of display quality, hardware calibration not only creates an adjustment profile for the graphics board but also calibrates the monitor’s LUT (look-up-table).

EIZO software for fast calibration and printing

Each monitor ages and changes its display properties. This is why graphics monitors, which require an absolutely constant image display over the entire service life, must be regularly calibrated and adjusted. With the free calibration software ColorNavigator 7 from EIZO, the ColorEdge CS2400R can be adjusted within 90 seconds (measured with a MacBook Pro and EX4), easily and without any losses. This is to ensure that the same image still looks the same on the monitor five years from now.

The free Quick Color Match software helps users, even without in-depth expertise in colour management, to see on the monitor how their images will look when printed on their Canon or Epson inkjet printer at home. In this way, the images can be optimised for the special properties of the selected photo paper even before printing, which helps users avoid expensive misprints.

EIZO microchip

The CS2400R has a high-quality microchip (ASIC, Application-Specific Integrated Circuit), which EIZO developed especially for the special requirements involved in work demanding high colour accuracy. This microchip is the brain of a ColorEdge as it guarantees the precise, uniform and constant image display that is the hallmark of EIZO.

Cutting-edge connectivity with USB-C

Variety of ports, best connectivity

Image signal, USB data transfer as well as power supply with up to 70 W, all this and more can be realised with a single USB-C cable. This makes the ColorEdge CS2400R the central dock of the graphic workflow. Peripheral devices such as a mouse, keyboard or printer can be connected directly to the USB-A ports. Mobile devices such as laptops or tablets can even be charged via the USB-C cable with up to 70 W via the USB-C cable. In this way, a laptop and CS2400R can be turned into a fully-fledged desktop workstation with a quick flick of the wrist.

The CS2400R supports a wide range of video formats via USB-C, HDMI and DisplayPort interfaces. This means that the monitor can not only be integrated into PC-based workflows but can also be used with HDMI feeders.

KVM switch

Two pcs, one control

It's never been easier to operate different PCs with a single mouse and keyboard. With its USB upstream ports, the CS2400R has a built-in KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switch. The monitor automatically links the mouse and keyboard to the currently active source computer. This means, for example, that a desktop PC and a laptop or a work and home PC can be operated on the same combination of monitor, mouse and keyboard. This ensures uninterrupted work and a tidy workspace.

Flicker free

For the sake of the eyes

The monitor is flicker-free at every brightness setting. This is great for users, as their eyes will not tire as quickly, allowing them to work in front of the screen for longer periods of time without fatigue.

Anti-glare coating: more image, less reflection

The CS2400R offers a perfect, non-glare surface. By minimising glare by diffusing the reflected light, the CS2400R effectively protects your eyes from straining. This keeps your eyes from getting as tired and allows you to sit comfortably in front of the monitor, without having to sit in a forced position to prevent glare.

Ergonomic stand

Our screens offer continuous height adjustment. Depending on the model, they can even be lowered to the base plate of the stand. This guarantees the best possible ergonomics, regardless of whether the user is sitting or standing in front of the screen. You can also swivel, rotate and tilt the monitor base to the position that is most comfortable for your posture.

The CS2400R can also be rotated into the portrait format, which is a great advantage for tethered shoots of people in the portrait mode, for example.

In the Box:

  • EX4 calibration sensor
  • Calibration report
  • Signal cable HDMI – HDMI
  • USB/signal cable (USB-C - USB-C)
  • USB cable (Type A - Type B)
  • Power cord
  • Quick guide

Accompanying software and other accessories are available for download:

  • Quick Color Match
  • ColorNavigator Network
  • ColorNavigator


Producent Eizo
Kategori Monitor
Skærm størrelse 24 "
Opløsning 1920 x 1200
Skærmratio 16:10
Kontrastforhold 1000:1
Farverum 100% sRGB
Lysstyrke 300 cd/m2
Interface HDMI (Deep Color, HDCP 2.3), USB-C (DisplayPort Alt Mode, HDCP 2.3), DisplayPort (HDCP 2.3)
Kalibrering Included EX4
Bredde 55.4 CM
Dybde 24.5 CM
Højde 39.6 CM
Vægt 8.1 KG
Betragtningsvinkel 178 Grader