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Henrik Duus Preuss

Morten H. Vorsaa

Ronni Jaqué

Bo Christensen


Sirui CT-3204 Carbon Tripod Camoflage

  • Wide compatibility fixed or leveling base
  • Accepts 75mm bowl heads
  • Lightweight carbon fiber construction
  • Rubber feet + metal spikes
  • Bubble level and 1/4" accessory port

The SIRUI CT-3204 TRIPOD is a professional-grade tripod designed for photographers and videographers who demand the best in stability, durability, and ease of use.
Constructed of high-quality carbon fiber, this tripod is both lightweight and sturdy and Siruis first tripod that combines a fixed base and a leveling base int0 one, perfect for wildlife shooting and professional landscape shooting.

Outdoor Disguiser

The camouflage tripod helps filmmakers blend in well with the natural environment so they do not disturb wildlife while shooting.

Two-Purpose Bowl Head Adapter

Twist the bottom plate to switch between the fixed base and the leveling base. The bowl head adapter comes with a flat platform for use with flat base heads.
When setting up heavy gear on flat surfaces, simply set the bowl head adapter to the fixed base mode, for perfect alignment.

Leveling Base Mode

The leveling base offers 15° of leveling capability, making it easy to set up and level heavy gear on rough terrain.

Wide Compatibility

The bowl head adapter comes with a flat platform for use with flat base head.
When using a video tripod head, the bowl accepts any accessory/head that uses a 75mm bowl

Strong & Sturdy

The tripod can safely support cameras up to 25kg/55.1lb. The legs are made from carbon fiber to reduce weight and increase stability. The twist locks made in metal with matte green color.

Adjustable Height

This tripod is capable of handling a wide variety of terrains and is great for birdwatching and wildlife photography.

Rubber Feet & Metal Spikes

Metal spikes and rubber feet are all included to handle many different surfaces. 

Three Leg Positions

The legs offer three optional positions: 24°, 50°, and 80°. Press the semi-auto button and fold down the leg to a "standard" position to lock it in place.


  • Maximum height: 150 cm
  • Minimum height: 12 cm
  • Sections: 4
  • Weight: 2 kg
  • Max load: 25 kg


Producent Sirui
Kategori Kamerastativ
Stativtype Tripod
Antal sektioner 4
Vægt 2000 G
Mindste højde 12 CM
Maks højde 150 CM
Maks last 25 KG
Materiale Carbon
Længde sammenklappet 54.5 CM