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Lars Thestrup

Ronni Jaqué

Jakob Worre

Bo Christensen


SmallRig 3850 Follow Focus F60

  • New material and fine-tune ability
  • Adjustable non-stop damping feels comfortable
  • 3-step switch to reverse rotation
  • Modular design with high compatibility
  • Detachable palm support for shooting stability
  • Works with friction-driven lenses, streamlined mounting

SmallRig Modular Follow Focus F60 3850 is designed to provide precise and comfortable lens focus control in video shooting. The modular follow focus, whose core drive is made of environmentally friendly brass and super composite material, enables fine-tune adjustment for an improved experience.
It supports lenses of various damping, thanks to an innovative, adjustable non-stop damping system (dynamic damping coefficient: 0.6 kgf-1.8 kgf). 3-step switch between forward and reverse rotation as well as 2-step A/B stops setting and release allow for 360° zoom.
Its modular accessories include Silicon Gear (ID: 3852), which directly drives lens focus by friction, a quick-release palm support that ensures stability in shooting handheld; and optional Single & Dual 15mm Rod Clamp (ID: 4151) and Focus Adapter Part (ID: 3851), all compatible with SmallRig accessory system.

Ultimate Performance, Classic Wooden Style

The SmallRig F60 is the combination of lightweight structural materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and beautiful, durable sapele mahogany wood, making the F60 and impressive manual follow focus system.

Synchronous Drive, Precise Focus Tracking

The core components of F60 are made of environmentally friendly brass and new composite materials, which enhances the self-lubrication and fatigue resistance of the components. Achieve smooth, precise focus tracking with zero backlash.

Adjustable Damping for Smooth Focusing

The dynamic damping adjustment from 0.6kgf to 1.8kgf, accommodates different diameter lenses, for perfect focusing control without any tools needed, damping is quickly adjusted.

Palm Support for Added Comfort and Stability

The F60 features a modular design and is equipped with a detachable palm support to keep the shot stable and focusing more comfortable and convenient.

Just 3 Steps to Quickly Switch

For adjusting to the positioning of focus rings of different lenses, the F60 has an innovative one-button pull design, which makes reverse switching and alignment fast and simple.

Rod Clamp

The included rod clamp (ID:4151) features an open rod clamp design, installed from upwards, with adjustable spacing, making it compatible with large diameter lenses.

Quick Release Plate

For a lightweight simple setup, the optional quick release plate (ID:3853) can be attached like your normal tripod plate, but featuring a single 15mm rod clamp. Switching between handheld and tripod shooting, is very fast and easy.

Silicone Gear

Get rid of gear limitations and critically focus any non cine lens without focus gears, by using the silicone gear (ID:3852) for friction. The silicone gear snaps right on to the standard M0.8-43T gear, for a snug fit without any need for tools.

Follow Focus Whip

Maximize the focusing control’s range for a stable manual focusing experience with the optional SmallRig follow focus whip (ID: 3851)


  • Standard Φ15mm rod
  • Standard 0.8 MOD lens and focus gear ring, M0.8-65T Gear (ID: 3200) and M0.8-38T Gear (ID: 3285)
  • Standard joystick and focus whip

In the Box:

  • 1 x Modular Follow Focus
  • 1 x M0.8-43T Gear
  • 1 x Silicone Gear
  • 1 x Φ15mm Rod
  • 1 x Rod Clamp (with NATO rail)
  • 1 x Snap-on Gear Ring
  • 1 x Palm Support
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Carrying Bag


  • Product Dimensions: 138 x 100 x 67 mm
  • Product Weight: 250 g±5g
  • Materials: AL6061, ABS+PC, POM9044, Brass, Sapele Mahogany Wood


Producent Smallrig
Kategori Follow focus