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Carsten Iversen

Ronni Jaqué


Tikee 3 PRO+

The Tikee 3 PRO+ camera is 100% autonomous and connected, and has an embedded GPS device. You can easily configure it with the Tikee Remote smartphone application and find all your photos on the myTikee cloud platform!

+ monitoring

With the Snapshot feature, capture photos or 20s videos instantly to capture all events remotely.

+ possibilities

A waterproof connector allows you to connect a dedicated external solar panel. Benefit from a unique model with worldwide 4G/LTE coverage.

+ power

Up to 3X more power by connecting an external solar panel. Always stay in touch with your Tikee and trigger your shots on demand with the Always On mode.

Always On

Access your camera remotely and on-demand to monitor its status and control your Tikee timelapse camera as if you were there. Something is happening? Trigger a remote shot instantly whenever you want.

Jpeg + DNG

Two formats, three choices to make the most of the 32 Mpx of your panoramic photos. Send your JPEG photos to the cloud and store them in DNG on your microSD card to benefit from the native format in post-production.

6K Video

3 resolutions to choose from: Full HD, 4K and up to 6K for 7360×2650 panoramas, with an account on myTikee timelapse app. Harness the power of your 6K images for unparalleled video editing freedom and get 6K video rendering: Tikee PRO 3 is the best timelapse camera for timelapse videos in photographic quality.

GPS Geolocation

The Tikee 3 PRO+ professional timelapse camera is equipped with an embedded GPS that gives you its precise location. In association with myTikee Storytelling, navigate on a map between your different points of view.

Adaptive interval

Tikee 3 PRO+ automatically adapts its interval to always ensure the continuity of your timelapse videos under all circumstances. Modulate your shooting intervals limitlessly. The Tikee timelapse solution (camera + dedicated software) lets you choose a minimum interval of 30 seconds for a long-term timelapse over a few days.

3 sending modes

Normal mode, Minimal mode or Sample mode. Send all your photos or only some of them. Tikee PRO 3 is the best timelapse camera tailored to your specific needs. Choose what you want to send to the cloud and optimize the shooting conditions.

512 GB of storage

Up to 512 GB of storage on a microSD card. Either 64,000 images in JPEG format or 15,000 images in DNG format.

Weatherproof IP66

Your all-in-one IP66 weather-resistant outdoor timelapse camera can be used in all weathers without any protection. Carry it easily, take it anywhere, and install it wherever you want.

Tikee 3 Pro+ Pack indeholder:

  • x1 Tikee 3 PRO+
  • x1 Hard case
  • x1 Enlaps Cable lock
  • x1 256 Go Micron micro SD card
  • x1 Stainless steel mounting system
  • x1 Reinforced mounting plate
  • x1 Mounting kit
  • x1 Lens caps


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