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Henrik Duus Preuss


VALOI 360 Advancer

  • Speed: Scan a roll of 35 mm film as quick as in two minutes
  • Stability: Sturdy rubber feet and a heavy steel construction to keep everything in place
  • Leveling: More than 10mm fine threaded adjustment on the feet
  • Evenly lit scans: Film is lifted approximately 5 cm off the light source to diffuse imperfections on the light
  • Multi-format support: With rollers set up to be adjustable for almost any roll film formats ever made
  • Change the way you scan your film to save time and money by jumping into the future of film scanning

“Valoi” is a Finnish word meaning light and creation — a nod to the creativity of analog photography. The Scandinavian roots of VALOI are visible in the minimalist and functional design. 
VALOI 360 is a film holder system that is an affordable way to digitize your rolls of 35 mm and 120 mm medium format film using a digital camera, without compromising on features. 
This system will help you scan film quicker and, with the right setup, with higher quality than traditional flatbed scanners. 
Valoi 360 is a modular scanning system. Start small according to your needs and grow the system as you improve your process. Just what you need, when you need it.

The VALOI 360 Advancer can upgrade your film scanning. Paired with the VALOI film holders, this will let you advance to the next frame using a knob, allowing you to scan quicker and more precisely.
Additionally, it will raise your film off the light source for more even illumination and give you leveling feet on each corner.
The Advancer is made with sturdy steel construction. While best used with uncut rolls of film, it can also be used with strips down to 3 frames long.

Requires a VALOI Holder: Either the 35 mm Holder or the 120 mm Holder - not included in this delivery.


Learn to scan whole rolls of film in minutes using our film holder system created for modern camera-scanning techniques.

Pull-through Design

Traditional film holders use a clam-shell design that slows down the process of scanning - fine for the analogue era of darkroom printing or film reproduction, but not for the digital era. Valoi system uses a pull-through design that minimizes the time between each frame and maximizes efficiency of your scanning.

Scan whole rolls or short strips

Valoi holders are optimized for scanning whole rolls but are also excellent when scanning strips as short as two frames if your film is already cut.


Get the most out of your film: Valoi Holders were created to allow modern digital technology to shine. 

Optimal Flatness

Valoi film holders are created with flatness in mind, absolutely crucial to getting the most out of modern digital sensors. Leading the film through the double S-curved track flattens the film without any moving parts. 

Anti-Reflective Design

Created from matte black plastic and carefully designed to avoid light reflecting back onto the film, our holders ensure a clean scan with no patchy colour casts when used correctly. 

Made to Last

Waste less and save money doing it. Valoi products are made to last, with high-quality, industrial materials and user-replaceable parts.  Made with injection moulded, high-quality plastic parts and steel components, Valoi products are made to last. 

User-Replaceable Parts

Valoi designs are effective, yet simple, and made to have user-replaceable parts, because they believe that you have the right to repair your things with original parts.
All instructions on assembly and replacement are detailed in the Getting Started Guide, which is available here on the website and as a physical copy with your purchase.


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