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Atomos Neon 24”

  • 24” 10-Bit HDR monitor, 4096 x 2160 Native Resolution with 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 10-Bit 422 Apple ProRes recording to 2.5” SSD via Master Caddy II
  • Sync and Control Multiple NEONs from App
  • Included Button Bar Remote Control Unit provides fast access to tools with tactile backlit buttons

Neon 24 is a precision on-set and in-studio 4K HDR Production Monitor. Neon 24 utilizes a combination of high quality 17:9 4K DCI resolution and true 10-bit panel fidelity with full array local dimming backlight to deliver beautiful 0nit deep blacks and 1000nits HDR full screen brightness. The Neon series also gives you the convenience of recording and instant playback.

Color Managed Display Pipeline

NEON provides a true Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) Broadcast Video Monitor (BVM) reference and includes tools to support accurate calibration to the Rec.709 standard with calibrated 100nit peak luminance and D65 white point. At the press of a button the NEON switches modes to provide a stunning High Dynamic Range (HDR) preview with support for both HLG and PQ formats. 

Stunning Display Technology 

The DCI 4K display of the NEON 24 features a best-in-class, stunningly bright panel with 0.002nit minimum luminance to 1000nit peak luminance over the whole screen, Super Wide Vision viewing angle (178 degrees >10%) and a matte finish to minimize glare and reflections.
This ensures that the NEON is equally at home in the controlled environment of the edit suite or on location in the middle of the day. 

Always the Same Color

Whether a project is SDR or HDR the NEON can be configured to match camera acquisition settings or defined delivery standards including Rec.709, Rec.2100 HLG and PQ (ST.2084). When monitoring with NEON color stays consistent at every stage of the production pipeline.
This ensures that images look their absolute best with no unexpected surprises during the shoot, the edit, the grade, or quality control (QC). 

Advanced Color and Conversion Options 

NEON features native support for the DCI-P3 (P3) gamut, which encompasses the Rec.709 gamut. Images in BT.2020 gamut will display the up to P3, or can be transformed to P3 by using an appropriate LUT. The built-in Camera LOG settings allow for the transform of the camera output into a display color space.
There are 8 LUT slots where a 3D LUT can be loaded to apply custom transformations for any HDR or SDR images. There’s additional control on the downstream feed to other devices, however NEON does not offer conversion between HDMI and SDI. 

Full Control

The NEON series offers control via a robust, tactile Button Bar and AtomRemote an app. The Button Bar features back-illuminated buttons and an extendible control cable. Button Bar control options include the ability to select the input mode, choose the color space, apply 3D LUTs, and manage playback. 

The AtomRemote app is available for macOS and iOS devices. Its easy-to-use interface provides access to more advanced settings such as camera gamma/gamut settings, as well as the ability to control recording, playback, and the loading of 3D LUTs. 

Tactile control of NEON’s tool set

Expand the control interface of NEON for close field operation and fast access to tools with the Button Bar Remote Control Unit (BBRCU). The buttons offers a tactile interface with backlight to provide fast access and control of the tools needed on set for image analysis, setting exposure, and checking focus.
With dedicated buttons for record and playback, you can jump into the last take to review the shot, step-through frame by frame or loop the entire clip.

Convenient close field operation for NEON

The rugged aluminium housing of the Atomos Button Bar Remote Control Unit provides a Arri anti-rotational mount point with 3/8” and 1/4” 20 options and a NATO rail runs the length of the unit allowing you to choose your desired location directly on the NEON or DIT cart to best suit your workflow.
The non-proprietary connection allows it to be easily extended or for a cable to be replaced using industry-standard LANC cables or extensions. The hardwired connection between the 2.5mm mini-jack remote port of NEON MCU and the Button Bar to provides control, as well as power without the need for batteries or alternative power sources.

Full control at your fingertips

The large backlit buttons provide directors and camera operators quick access to scopes, monitor assist tools, frame guides, LUT selection. With dedicated buttons for record and playback, you can jump into the last take to review the shot, step-through frame by frame or loop the entire clip.
On a DIT cart or back in the edit suite, the macOS app allows users to connect to NEON via Bluetooth to define the color pipeline and project settings.  Whilst the Button Bar provides directors and camera operators close control with quick access to scopes, monitor assist tools, frame guides and LUT previews.

Record, Monitor, Play, Edit

The NEON series is compatible with a variety of HDMI or SDI cameras and other SDI sources. Both devices support HD (1080) up to 120fps via HDMI and 4K (DCI) up to 60fps. Both devices feature 12G or Dual 6G or lower resolutions and frame rates via 1.5/3G SDI up to 2Kp60 with up to 12 channels of embedded audio. SDI 3G and 12G input and output make it easy to loop signals through a NEON to other devices on set or in the edit suite.  
HDMI sources without HDCP are supported at 4K up to 60fps or HD up to 120fps with up to 8 channels of audio and detection of HDR info frame to automatically match the input signal type. 
Each recording can be reviewed instantly directly on the NEON without need to off-load media. Files are captured as 10-bit 422 to industry standard Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD.
AtomRemote offers options to configure scene/shot/take file naming including rich metadata that can be used by editing software or asset management solution for orchestration. 

In the Box:

  • Atomos Neon 24”
  • Master Control Unit
  • Button Bar Remote Control
  • Master Caddy II
  • 12V-3A AC power supply
  • AtomX SDI Expansion Module
  • Feet, for Neon 24″ unit
  • Quick Start Guide


Producent Atomos
Kategori Monitor
Skærm størrelse 24 "
Opløsning 4096 x 2160
Skærmratio 17:9
Farverum DCI-P3 (D65)
Interface HDMI / 2 x 12G SDI
Bredde 59.4 CM
Dybde 7.25 CM
Højde 33.97 CM
Vægt 8.6 KG
Betragtningsvinkel 178 Grader