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Nanlite PavoSlim 60CL RGBWW Slim LED Panel

  • 72W / 7,094 lux @ 1 meter (5600K)
  • Slim and Lightweight with Durable Metal Housing. Just 0.98kg and 1.86cm thick
  • CRI 96 / TLCI 97
  • CCT, HSI, RGBW, GEL and Effect modes
  • Onboard, DMX/RDM, CRMX & App Control
  • Multiple Power Options, AC, V-mount and NP-F Batteries

Durable Metal Housing. Slim and Lightweight

With its metal housing, the PavoSlim 60CL proves that slimness and ruggedness are not contradictory. Even when equipped with a complete set of modifiers and accessories for installation, it is still lighter and thinner compared to traditional light mats. This makes it indispensable whether in small studios, low-ceiling locations or film and television sets with strict requirements.

  • 72W Rated Power
  • 0.98kg Weight
  • 1.86cm Thickness

Efficient Design. Maximum Output

The PavoSlim 60CL achieves four times the output of similar mat type LED lights. To accomplish this,
the NANLITE team has developed a dedicated optical system which maximizes output and heat dissipation.

  • 7,094 lux @ 1 meter (5600K)

Rapid Deployment

Every element of the PavoSlim 60CL is designed for rapid deployment on-set, on-location or in the
photo studio. The accessories are designed with for easy and rapid setup, enabling effortless installation to be completed within moments.
This philosophy is carried through to the included softbox with its innovative compression design that can be set up or collapsed in seconds. It can even be collapsed and left on the panel for transport.

The back of the fixture has multiple 1/4"-20 sockets for flexible mounting in various situations.
The control unit is designed so it can mount via a quick release plate, which is compatible with the included
quick release clamp for mounting to light stands or truss (also found on NANLITE Forza II series fixtures). The control unit has a useful hand-carry strap which can also be used to hang it from a light stand.

Lengthened Design, Easier Setup

The PavoSlim 60CL features a slim, elongated design measuring 2'×0.5' (602×152×18.6mm).
The shape of the PavoSlim 60CL makes it especially well suited for in-vehicle, confined spaces and low ceiling shots. The utility of the LED panel is further enhanced by its super light weight, making it possible to mount practically anywhere, or handhold on-set for extended periods if required.

Various Modes

With RGBWW color mixing technology, PavoSlim 60CL provides HSI, RGBW, Gel and Effects modes.
Importantly it also has a green/magenta (G/M) shift function for accurate matching with other light sources.

  • CCT Mode:

CCT Range   2700K-7500K G/M Adjustment   G/M±150

  • HSI Mode:

In this mode, the hue, saturation and intensity of light can be quickly adjusted with the option of 36,000 colors.

  • RGBW Mode:

This offers control of four separate channels: red, green, blue and white, enabling more color precision.

  • Gel Mode:

The PavoSlim 60CL has 151 built-in color gel emulations that can be used to match scenes, add ambience or evoke emotion. This will not only accurately reproduce the colors of commonly used gels, but speed setup by eliminating the need to install gels.

  • Effects Mode:

The PavoSlim 60CL is equipped with 15 different film and TV lighting effects. Various parameters of each effect can be adjusted on-board, while additional customized settings are obtainable
by the NANLINK App, LumenRadio CRMX and DMX/RDM.

Professional Control Options

The PavoSlim 60CL operation is very straightforward. On the included control unit, all settings are accessed using just two buttons and two knobs, and are clearly displayed on the two-inch screen.

With built-in 2.4G and Bluetooth modules, the PavoSlim 60CL can be easily connected to the NANLINK APP.
This is a great way to achieve wireless intelligent lighting control for lighting, especially when integrated with other NANLITE tube lights and point source lights. Together they can create diverse and complementary lighting solutions.

In addition, through the stable connection and control via wired DMX/RDM, PavoSlim 60CL can be applied in the film and TV standard control system, jointly controlled with other lighting fixtures in the same DMX network, making implementation of lighting effects simpler and more efficient.

Moreover, the PavoSlim 60CL is equipped with LumenRadio CRMX, achieving wireless DMX/RDM reception.
This will make them work with various lighting fixtures on set, combining stability with flexibility, and bringing creativity and efficiency to professional imaging.

Multiple Power Options, Deploy Anywhere

The PavoSlim 60CL can be powered by AC power, V-mount batteries or NP-F batteries. All power supply methods support full power output, making the PavoSlim 60CL suitable for both indoor and outdoor scenarios. The PavoSlim 60CL also supports hot swapping among different power supply modes, allowing for continuous shooting without interruption.

In the Box:

  • 1 x PavoSlim 60CL
  • 1 x Control Unit
  • 1 x Universal Holder
  • 1 x Quick Release Clamp
  • 1 x Baby Pin Holder
  • 1 x DC Connection Cable 2.6M
  • 1 x AC Power Cable 4.5M
  • 1 x Softbox
  • 2 x Diffuser (Standard Diffuser + Lite Diffuser)
  • 1 x Eggcrate
  • 1 x Carrying Bag
  • 1 x User Manual


Producent Nanlite
Kategori LED lys
CRI 96
Strøm/batteri AC, V-mount or NP-F Batteries
Lysstyrke 72W / 7094 Lux @ 1m (5600K)
Længde 60.2 CM
Bredde 15.2 CM
Dybde 1.86 CM
Vægt 980 G
Farvetemperatur 2700-7500K ±150 G/M